Re: chuck wendig getting *fired* cause I can’t not say anything.

I love Chuck. You guys know that he’s one of the three SW writers I actually have feelings about.

I don’t love his writing. I didn’t enjoy Afftermath. I don’t really like his original fiction, and I’m so-so on his Vader related comics.

You know what I adore about Chuck?

What he brought to SW. He wrote unabashedly queer characters. He recreated Sloane, who was originally a kinda obnoxious junior officer, and made her into a brilliant, stunningly complex, powerful woman of color. He gave us a backstory for Hux that is truly compelling. He wrote about the Empire in a way that truly added depth to new canon. Whatever I think of his style, his substance is stunning.

You know what else Chuck gave me?

The ability to write. I learned so much of what I know about writing from his advice on his blog. He’s the reason I started trying short pieces, and he’s the reason I got passionate about constantly reaching for new ideas.

He’s also a continual fountain of positive emotion on Twitter, and he’s never willing to put up with assholes or gatekeepers. He’s a guy who is willing to talk about how shitty the world is to women and queer people and minorities.

We don’t (officially) know why he got let go from his SW commitments. Let’s not harass anyone about it, because Chuck has shown us time and time again that harassment is wrong. Instead, let’s support him by buying his works (even if, like me, you don’t love them) and by supporting him. Let’s ask him how he wants this handled, and show the execs we’re behind him 100%.

Chuck has been an unfailing defender of those who get harassed by the SW fandom. Don’t be a jerk in his name. Do right by him.

Also I feel the need to quickly clarify!

What I mean by this is that we should all go support Chuck 100% and protest Marvel Comics’s choices as a group, rather than targeting any one individual at their team.

(As a side note, are we terribly surprised that the company that continues to employ Nick Spencer did this?)

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