Thorki Secret Santa


Hey guys!!  So, some people expressed interest in the secret santa thing.  😀  So, let’s do it!  🙂 🙂 🙂  I’ve created a site to join, and we’ll all get a name and some ideas to write for.  Due to the nature of kink writing, please note, most ideas/prompts will be of an explicit nature.  Please keep this in mind when deciding to sign up or not.  ❤  Also, you’re welcome to put down some simple prompt ideas instead of kinks.  But keep ideas simple, everyone.  (i.e., one kink is size kink.  One prompt idea is baking cookies.) (If you’d prefer a SFW fic as your gift, you’re free to put that on your list, as well.)

Here’s how it will work.

1. Join the gift exchange.  Make sure to note your tumblr/AO3 username as your own name, unless you want the person who draws your name to know your actual name.
2. Put in your top three kinks or prompts as your gift ideas and one non-kink idea.  This way, hopefully everyone can play.  🙂  When you go to put in your gift ideas, it asks for your gender and age and hobbies.  I believe you can skip over all this.  I clicked on the gender, but didn’t put anything else in, so don’t feel like you have to put in all that info.  The site uses it to suggest physical gifts.  Also, no one else will see your list except the person who draws your name.  🙂
3. Names drawn on 11/24.
4. Pick one of the four ideas that were put in for the name you’ve drawn.  If you can’t work with any of the four listed, please send a message to your recipient through this site.  But do try to go with one of their top three kinks or non-kink prompt.  ❤
5. Write a fic at least 1,500 words by 12/31.  You are, of course, free to write more, but please try to have at least the minimum.
6. I will create a collection on AO3.
7. Post to the AO3 collection between 12/1 & 12/31 as a gift for your recipient for any Dec. holiday.  And there are a lot!  In case you were wondering.  😉

Note: You don’t have to know your kinks/prompts right upon signing up.  Just make sure to have your final ideas in there by the time we’re drawing names.  🙂

Link to join:

@wisterings @shineonloki @fairy-changeling @lokidreamsinbw @mblargh-its-me-loki @loki-stone @wouldyouknowmore @incredifishface @spacehussy @spacecrazyartist @thequeenoffish @cuddleslutloki @thotki @thorvaenn @thoresque @thesaurus-with-no-words @summertudinal @missleeismyname @lokipositivity @raven-brings-light @loxxxlay @berlynn-wohl @ragnasok @thorkified @hollybennett123 @amberfox17 @gaslightgallows @hjbender

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