Loki has a Youtube channel dedicated to rating stabs in popular media, in addition to historical stabs. 


“So, I was watching this… American film last night… I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, it’s kind of obscure? Anyways, it’s called ‘Halloween.’ Lots of stabs in that one. Kind of a terrible way to hold a knife, though. 15/23 Caesars for this one.”


Thor ran his fingers along the petals of a delicate winter lily and marveled at the way the whole flower lit up at the touch. He’d never been to Utgard in winter. This half of the planet wouldn’t see a sunrise for months, so the only light to be had was what the planet itself could make. The Jotnar had never considered starting fires, no, not when their planet and mother was so generous.

Loki plucked the flower off of the stem and all four plants in the plot lit up in a wave. As Loki weaved the flower into his hair Thor watched juices pour out of the stem. It made him feel almost guilty, like a child who’d done something he shouldn’t have.

He turned to Loki and found the generous king offering him a hand to hold. Thor accepted it and they kept walking through to garden.

“I wanted to thank you again, Loki-king, for accepting my call for aid and offering my people a haven until we can find our own home.” Thor brought Loki’s hand up for a kiss and thought that Loki was so beautiful he should also glow when touched.

Loki hummed and stopped them in front of a tree laden with heavy fruit. “Will it take a long time, do you think?”

Thor shrugged. He’d never wanted to be king in the first place, and especially not like this, but Ragnarok had claimed his home anyway.

“Honestly, I’m not sure,” he said, “my father had colonies and I know we can find one, but without the Bifröst it may be…”

“Decades,” Loki finished.

Thor nodded. “I understand if it’s more than you agreed to, Loki.”

Loki smiled then, real and soft and sweet, and Thor felt his breath lock in his chest. Oh.

Their hands were still clasped together, squeezing each other tight. Loki’s other hand came up and cradled his face, directed him to look up into the boughs of the tree. Supple fruits with veins of gold on their purple skins beckoned him to take a bite.

“Jotunheim has room and riches enough for the Aesir, mighty Thunderer. Even if you never leave.” Loki’s voice wrapped around him and was carried on the wind that whipped past them. A promise.

Thor let his eyes fall back to Loki and felt something gentle and warm spreading through his chest and stomach. He’d only asked for refuge, and he had never expected to receive it. This was more than he could have hoped.

“My father had wanted to unite our realms, you know,” Thor whispered.

A light filled Loki’s eyes, made it seem like perhaps he did glow just the same as the rest of his beautiful home. “What do you want?”

Thor leaned in and kissed his fellow king, his ally, and perhaps something more. Loki kissed back and bit him gently, and Thor started thinking about how to best acclimate his people to this new world.




I do love the idea that in a hundred years, scholars will be citing stuff on ao3 as the “early works” of the next generation of canon authors.

“Her fascination with themes of isolation and identity can first be spotted in Tits and Cap, an erotic fanfiction written at age 19.”

“In this “coffee shop alternative universe” – a reinterpretation of an existing work wherein the characters work at a coffee shop – her characters work at an independently-owned shop at odds with the chain coffee shop that is built across the street. Her attention to the capitalist-driven labor struggles of the characters within the love story show early an early attention to the major anti-capitalist themes of her seminal work.”

Prompt List


This prompt list is from @youngdumbbrokehijabi, I saw this and fell in love with these prompts. 

1. “She’s not yours.”

2. “It wasn’t meant to go this far. I swear.”

3. “Please, not now.”

4. “You were ready to leave me for her.”

5. “There is no us, there never was.”

6. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

7. “If lies keep spewing from those lips then I’ m walking
out that door.”

8. “Shut up.”

9. “Are you ever going to listen?”

10. “Don’t leave me. Don’t you dare leave me.”

11. “You know for a fucking fact that wasn’t supposed to

12. “Sort yourself out first.”

13. “Shhh. I know.”

14. “Tell me a story.”

15. “Leave. Before we wake up regretting what we’ve done.”

16. “All he ever did was use you. Why can’t you see that?”

17. “You think this will make me stay?”

18. “You thought this was real?”

19. “My mum asked about you again.”

20. “Alcohol’s the only constant in my life.”

21. “He already knows.”

22. “I was doing fine. Really, and then you waltz back in
like you didn’t break my heart.”

23. “You’re married!!”

24. “You deserve so much better.”

25. “He’s a fuckboy and he’s never going to treat you better
than this.”

26. “H-how long?”

27. “We need to understand that we did love each other but
that wasn’t enough.”

28. “I’m sorry.”

29. “You left. What did you expect me to do?”

30. “You still wear my hoodie?”

31. “I’m too sober for this bullshit.”

32. “How did you imagine our future together?”

33. “That was supposed to be me, not him.”

34. “I didn’t have a choice.”

35. “Compromise.”

36. “His finger was right on the trigger, but he wasn’t fast

37. “Leave him and marry me.”

38. “It’s okay if you have to go.”

39. “I needed closure.”

40. “Always and forever.”

41. “The last thing I said was for him to never come back.”

42. “You always cared more about her than you ever did about

43. “You had a kid and decided to walk out. You don’t get to
call the shots round here.”

44. “I screwed up.”

45. “I fell for you.”

46. “You changed.”

47. “They’re your best friend before anything else.”

48. “Daddy, how did you and mommy fall in love?”

49. “I‘m never going to be good enough for you, am I?”

50. “He already boarded the plane. We’re too late.”

51. “Do you two still talk?”

52. “That look in his eyes. That was enough to tell me he
didn’t feel the same anymore.”

53. “Who the hell abandons someone they ‘love’?”

54. “The moment you saw me as a bet was the moment you
fucked up.”

55. “Meet me upstairs in 10.”

56. “One more chance.”

57. “It doesn’t have to be that way. Come with me.”

58. “W- er, we’re gonna get you out.”

59. “I don’t love you.”

60. “Let it all out babe, just let it all out.”

61. “We need to talk.”

62. “Do you treat all your hook-ups like this?”

63. “You were my everything.”

64. “It was my fault. I know it was my fault.”

65. “I thought things were good but how delusional was I?”

66. “Why now?”

67. “You’re never seeing either of us again.”

68. “Trust you? You don’t know the meaning of the word.”

69. “You made me feel loved and wanted and for that, I’ll
always love you.”

70. “Please don’t forget me.”

71. “We got away with it.”

72. “She’s lost without you.”

73. “Don’t you get it? I’m in love with you and it scares
the hell out of me.”

74. “I want to be alone.”

75. “D-did I ever tell you how beautiful your eyes are?”

76. “Why’ve you always gotta send me mixed signals.”

77. “The world was too cruel for us.”

78. “Of course, he’s yours! Who else was there?”

79. “Step out that door and I swear we’re done.”

80. “What right did you have keeping it from me?”

81. “Running seems to be all you’re good at.”

82. “What the fuck is it that’s so funny?”

83. “She always burned so brightly.”

84. “It’s not your fault.”

85. “I-I left my stuff here.”

86. “We aren’t even in the same book, let alone the same

87. “I don’t want to live in a world where I’m not with you.”

88. “Your hair still looks so good.”

89. “Waste the day and spend the night.”

90. “You’re rich and waste your money on that nasty shit.”

91. “You say this is what you want but your eyes are telling
me a different story.”

92. “Murder was a part of the agenda for today.”

93. “What if I just break his nose a lil’?”

94. “Hurry up, before we regret it.”

teenaged thorki experimenting with each other’s bodies? especially if it’s got trans Loki. thanks!!


Thor slipped his fingers into his little brother’s body and felt how wet he was, how ready. Loki bit his lip and squeezed Thor’s cock as it throbbed in his hand. They kissed slowly, gently, like there was no rush or risk even though their parents could come home any minute. 

Loki was sopping wet and opening for him, so ready to take him, but he didn’t want to move too fast. They pulled apart and looked at each other, watching each other’s faces, looking for the signs that they were doing something right. His fingers rubbed a spot that made Loki gasp and shudder and Thor felt a syrupy-thick warmth spreading through him like it always did when he made Loki happy. They’d been born together, had always been side by side for their entire lives. 

He and Loki took their first breaths just minutes apart and from their first day they’d always reached out to each other. It just made sense that they would learn their bodies and know each other like this. Loki had come out to him first, had trusted him, had needed him. All Thor wanted was to keep Loki close and safe and his. 

Thor rubbed Loki’s clit and promised himself, not for the first time, that he was going to build a future for them where they could belong to each other for the rest of their lives.