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11. What kind of relationships are you most interested in writing?
Ones that have major structural challenges! I’m so interested in how people get around the problems the world puts in their way, particularly when it comes to relationships that “shouldn’t” happen. I’m also interested in writing relationships where the two (or more) people start out having trouble respecting each other, but over the course of the story grow and mature. Last but not least I like to depict people learning to truly communicate with one another, and not talk at cross purposes.

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2. Which of your own fanfics have you reread the most?
Does “none of them” count as an answer? I honestly dislike reading my own writing, and I don’t get as much fun out of it as I do reading other people’s work, so I don’t often do it. I suppose I’ve reread Satisfaction, A Guttering Candle, and Oversimulation the most, if I have to name something.

4. Do you think your style has changed over time? How so?
Absolutely! As I work on my writing, I get better at showing my characters’ emotions, rather than telling them. I’ve also worked more and more consistently with a tight third-person limited POV. While I think style is hard to assess when it comes to literature – it’s something that really depends on circumstance and subject matter, the more valuable metric of signature has also changed for me. For a long time my writing was marked by short, rapid fire sentences. Now, though of course I haven’t lost that completely, I’ve learned better how to balance things, and reserve short, punchy lines for the moments that most need them.

14. You’re applying for the fanfic writer of the year award. What five fanfics do you put in your portfolio?
Just from this year or from all time? I suppose since it’s “of the year” I’ll go with just this year’s works. I’d include Retcon (thorki, 90k), Satisfaction (thorki, 5.5k), Homeland (thorki, 4k), you know why (kylux, 3k), and half myth, half truth (thorki, 19k). It’s a range from novel-length through novella to short story, and from angsty sci-fi (you know why) to high fantasy (half myth, half truth; Homeland) to superhero novel (Retcon), and all of them are fics I’m actually proud of.

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some iconic dialogue that sounds like its from the great canon of literature but are actually from memes

  1. I will face God and walk backwards into Hell
  2. “I’ll do whatever you want” “then perish”
  3. I have been through hell and come out singing

feel free to add more!

  • There are no gods here
  • Do I look like the kind of man who dies
  • God’s dead and soon we will be too
  • I thought there were no heroes left in this world 

• you kneel before my throne unaware that it was built on lies

  • Impudent of you to assume I will meet a mortal end
  • This is hell’s territory and I am beholden to no gods
  • Bury me shallow, I’ll be back

– take this gift, for the gods surely won’t

  • God wishes he were me
  • One day, you will be face to face with whatever saw fit to let you exist in the universe, and you will have to justify the space you’ve filled

Violence for Violence is the Rule of Beasts