It’s World Mental Health Day! (October 10th.) So I thought it might be useful to compile mental health resources for the Jewish community into one post. If you know of any that aren’t listed, please feel free to add them.

RELIEF – connects/refers Jewish people to therapists and other
mental health resources (focuses mainly on the frum community)

Elijah’s Journey – suicide prevention for the Jewish community (Facebook page)

The Aleph Institute
– provides spiritual support for Jews in
institutional environments such as prison, health facilities, and

No Shame On U
– aims to de-stigmatize mental illness by providing
comprehensive education

– comprehensive services for those facing mental health issues, with professionals fluent in English, Yiddish, and Hebrew

Yad Rachel – for mothers facing postpartum depression, also helps educate family and health providers

Shema Koli – support for victims of abuse

Frum Support Forums – for mental and physical health

(NY) The Jewish Board – provides services for a number of things, including crisis support, supportive housing, and mental health services.

Torah and the Twelve Steps – spiritual-based rehab for those recovering from substance abuse

(UK) Jewish Helpline – 

0800 652 9249

(Mexico) Jewish Crisis Line – 


(The two following aren’t specifically mental health resources, but I still felt they were important to add.)

A list of Jewish LGBT+ organizations

Keshet – Jewish LGBT+ educational resources

Many cities also have Jewish Family Services, which will often be able to refer you to a therapist or other local resources.