I wish there was a how-to guide for making fandom friends. I’ve been hanging out on the edges of the kylux fandom since nearly the beginning. I still don’t feel like there’s anyone I’ve talked to over the past year that I can randomly message with fic recommendations, observations on new canon material, or silly memes. I don’t make my own fandom content but I’m always reading and commenting on other peoples. I send prompts, I ask questions, I reblog art. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.

Making friends in fandom is really complicated, especially because everyone has different comfort levels in terms of social interactions. I think there are a few surefire ways to get talking to people though.

  • Find a group of people who have similar interests to you. In a big fandom like Kylux, there are a lot of subgroups. Find the one with the people who seem the most like you.
  • Try using chat. A lot of people are hesitant to message other people over chat, but just go for it. People can ignore your messages if they feel uncomfortable.
  • Talk about things other than fandom. Ask how people’s days are going, how the weather is. Small talk is hard on and off the internet, but it’s how we learn about each other in a slow, controlled fashion.
  • If you’re wanting to talk about meta with people or things like that – go for it! Find a person you think would be a good friend fit for you and just dive in. 
  • Make sure you stay engaged in the conversation. If you prompt a fic, maybe go message the person on chat after it’s filled to thank them. If you ask a question, ask a follow up over chat. If you love an artist’s work, message them to tell them that and pick out a few specific aspects of a piece that you really loved.

Making fandom friends takes follow up and initiative, but most of all it takes careful selection. Choose to talk to the people who seem most like you, or create content that resonates the most with you. Those are likely to be the people you want to be friends with long term anyway.









Welcome to Kylux. Here’s your starter pack of 5 kinks you didn’t know you had, and 1 you did.

“Five Kinks Kylo Ren Didn’t Know He Had Before Meeting General Hux, and One He Did”

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    Oviposition, Impregnation Fantasy, Desperation, Omoroshi, Watersports, Guro, Bloodplay, Gore, Cannibalism, Necrophilia, Tooth-Rotting Fluff

Tag yourself, I’m Inappropriate Use of the Force

It’s hard to choose, but I think it’s undoubtedly oviposition.

…Impregnation Fantasy, I’m obviously Impregnation Fantasy.

I’m lingerie. I blame the artists (╥_╥)

I’m Xenophilia 🌚

Hey yall I’m necrophilia 🙂 🙂 🙂

*Bows slightly* I’m bloodplay.

just out of sheer curiosity, why do you think the kylux fandom is fading? I’m so shocked at how little content there is anymore. Only a handful of writers are left (not including you, dear! we seem to have lost you to orson/galen!) The tag has like 5 new posts in a day and it’s upsetting that our fandom is fading!

I’m going to be completely honest in my answer, but first: my most recent fic is a kylux fic, The Immaterial Stardust of His Being. I’ve always written multiple ships in the SW universe, and I’m just continuing to do so, with some new characters added to the mix.

Ok now to the answer. 3 reasons, I think.

1. It’s been over a year since the film came out. There’s been a bunch of new SW content in that time, and a lot of people have gotten excited about that content. There’s also several other fandoms and ships that are exciting that people want to write/create art for. It’s actually incredibly surprising to me that a bunch of people are still writing/creating art for kylux who posted their first stuff last Dec/Jan/Feb. Since there hasn’t been a new film or trailer recently, there aren’t a lot of new creators coming to kylux, and therefor the fandom’s bound to get smaller.

2. There’s been a lot of drama. Both between antis and the fandom, and also internal to the fandom itself. Yes, kylux is a pretty chill ship in the grand scheme of things. But the internal drama has gotten to a lot of people and made them more hesitant to post in the tag, or even create for the ship.

3. Reader response. I personally write a lot of short things based on ship+prompt requests people send me. If they don’t ask for kylux, I dont write kylux and post it in the tag. But frankly, there’s something else.

Even if I love the ship, I know that I would rather create for 30 people in a rare pair and have everyone be excited about content, than write for a giant fandom and then have people come to me asking me why I’m not writing the characters the same way I did a year ago.