“Try to stay quiet understand?” Smut list 5??😙


Inspired by this super freaking hot piece of nsfw art~

Modern AU, nsfw
College freshman Thor and high school senior Loki (18 if that makes you feel better)

Loki had wondered if Thor heading off to college would make a difference… Whatever this thing was between them, this not-quite-brotherly tension that had been building up for a few years and slowly driving Loki insane, it was either going to fade away with the distance, or nothing would change, and Thor’s first trip home since he’d left three months ago would drop them right back where they had left off.

He wasn’t sure what outcome was preferable, to be honest.

But he’d been wrong, either way. He hadn’t considered a third possibility, and when his brother had pulled up in front of the house (looking taller and broader and hotter than ever, damn it) and caught his eyes from his upstairs window, Loki realized that it had only gotten worse.

Thor had stared up at him like a man starved, and Loki was certain that same hungry look was mirrored on his own face.

He wakes up in the middle of the night, disoriented and uncomfortable, and realizes that he’s fallen asleep in Thor’s bed. Despite the undercurrent of anxious anticipation between them, the afternoon and evening had gone by just fine, normal as ever, and they’d wound up in Thor’s room, notes and textbooks spread across the bed while Loki quizzed him for an upcoming test.

There’s a book digging into Loki’s back now, and he pulls it free and rolls onto his side, trying not to jostle Thor too much and wake him up. But then, suddenly, there’s a hand on his hip, warm through his sweatpants, and Loki’s heart leaps into his throat.

Thor scoots in behind him, and any chance that he’s just blindly reaching out in his sleep evaporates when be breathes, “Is this alright?” against the back of Loki’s neck and sends a wave of goosebumps across his skin.

‘This’ turns out to be Thor’s hand sliding over his stomach and pausing, his fingertips dipping just below the waistband.

Loki nearly chokes.

It’s not alright, not by any means, and especially not with their parents in the next room over, but he nods frantically enough to head butt Thor in the face anyway. His brother wastes no time then, and Loki has to bite the inside of his cheek, hard, as Thor’s hand wraps around his cock. He’s hard and leaking in an embarrassingly short amount of time, but Thor just makes a soft little sound into his hair and rolls his hips against him—and Loki chokes again when he feels Thor’s erection pressed into his ass.

He feels altogether too warm and lightheaded and constricted by the blankets and his clothes, and once he pushes the covers and his sweatpants down and out of the way, the sight of Thor’s broad hand on him, shadowed in the dark but still mostly visible thanks to the moonlight shining in through the window, has him groaning out loud.

“Shhh,” Thor whispers, and lets go for half a second to lick his palm, then starts stroking him like he means it.

“Shit,” Loki hisses when the pad of his thumb swipes over the head, and Thor shushes him again.

Loki does his best, but he doesn’t know how Thor expects him to keep silent when he slides an arm underneath him and pulls Loki closer, pawing under his shirt and pushing it up under his chin, fingers finding and teasing a nipple along the way. And then he starts mouthing at Loki’s neck, lips soft but teeth grazing over his skin every so often, and it’s all Loki can do to claw at the sheets and let out ragged little gasps that echo in the room.

“Try to stay quiet, understand?” Thor says in his ear, but then he goes and sticks his tongue in it, and ups the pace of both his hand and his hips, jerking him in time with his little thrusts, and Loki starts to think he’s doing this shit on purpose. But he can feel how damp the front of Thor’s shorts are against his bare skin, the heat of his cock beneath them, and the thought of getting it in his hand, his mouth, his ass, pushes him right over the edge. Thor reaches up and covers his mouth just in time, muffling his moan and stroking him through it as he spills over the sheets.

Loki lies there panting for a moment, trying to convince himself that that had really just happened… but Thor’s still hard and digging into his backside, and he finds that it makes for pretty compelling evidence.

He could investigate a little further, though. Just to be sure.

He knows he should definitely be more conscientious of the fact that their parents could overhear, but he rolls over and slips down the bed anyway, thinking only of how much he’d like to see Thor keep his own mouth shut for what’s about to come next.


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