MCU Thorki rough sketches / MCU ソーロキらくがきまとめ

I drew “1246 times/10 min“ when there was horrible thunder and hail storm around Tokyo.(the actual number of times)

「1246 times/10 min」とか書いてあるイラストは8月の終わりごろ凄まじい落雷と雹が降った日に「こんなに激しいならこれは喧嘩じゃなくて逆にあれだな」と思って描いたやつです


Hello world, here is my very first fan art and it is about Thor Ragnarok. 

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead!

Don’t read any further

If you haven’t seen the movie yet.

In the final of the Ragnarok events Thor and Loki are going through a really hard times: they lost both parents, they lost home, it looks like even their past was a lie. 

Thor suffers even more: Hela took away his eye, his hammer and his dearest friends. And on the top of the all this Thor is bearing great responsiiblity for the fate of his people. 

Right now they truly need to be on the same side, and they need each other more than ever.