teenaged thorki experimenting with each other’s bodies? especially if it’s got trans Loki. thanks!!


Thor slipped his fingers into his little brother’s body and felt how wet he was, how ready. Loki bit his lip and squeezed Thor’s cock as it throbbed in his hand. They kissed slowly, gently, like there was no rush or risk even though their parents could come home any minute. 

Loki was sopping wet and opening for him, so ready to take him, but he didn’t want to move too fast. They pulled apart and looked at each other, watching each other’s faces, looking for the signs that they were doing something right. His fingers rubbed a spot that made Loki gasp and shudder and Thor felt a syrupy-thick warmth spreading through him like it always did when he made Loki happy. They’d been born together, had always been side by side for their entire lives. 

He and Loki took their first breaths just minutes apart and from their first day they’d always reached out to each other. It just made sense that they would learn their bodies and know each other like this. Loki had come out to him first, had trusted him, had needed him. All Thor wanted was to keep Loki close and safe and his. 

Thor rubbed Loki’s clit and promised himself, not for the first time, that he was going to build a future for them where they could belong to each other for the rest of their lives.



Highly Conceptual Woodwork Textured Tattoos Feature Floral And Animal Subjects

Tattoo artist Pony Reinhardt etches powerful and elaborate tattoos of wildlife, floral and natural elements merged with stars and planetary configurations. 

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Somewhere a rocket scientist brain surgeon physicist with a knack for economics who wears Velcro shoes is having a stress breakdown.

When I was a professional ballroom dance instructor, one of my coworkers was having a tough time teaching a step to her student. As he gets more frustrated she tells him “it’s ok- you’ll get it- this isn’t rocket science.”

There is an awkward pause as her student stares back at her.
“No” he agrees, “this isn’t rocket science. That I can do. This is some sadistic step designed specifically to torture rocket scientists.”

And that’s how we found out he worked for NASA.

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Your daily reminder that no, seriously: “difficult” is a matter of context.

isn’t rocket science a form of physics

Buddy if you’re doing rocket science and quantum physics at the same time, then multiple things have gone seriously, seriously wrong.

Very tiny rockets








Very interesting rockets


put a rocket on a launchpad with ignition that’s programmed with a 50% chance of failure

until you look at the moon five days later you don’t know


“We may have just landed the first cat on the moon! Possibly. Somebody needs to go and double-check…”





Cruel choices #137: you must consume one – and only one – of the following pieces of media.

1. Sailor Moon retold in the style of a 19th Century Russian philosophical novel.

2. The Brothers Karamazov retold in the style of a magical girl anime.

“Our very existence proves there is a peak,” Mars spat, the wind-swept snow no deterrent to her clad in naught but the Sailor uniform as she was. “Man need not concern itself with matters of godhood. We are gods given flesh.”

“It is precisely because of what we are that they cannot rest.” Mercury replied. “One cannot and must not embrace egoism. If we fall, who then will they turn to? Who then will care for what mankind has wrought? Only mankind itself.”

Then from two alleys over there came not so much a cry but a sound, a resolute plea to the skies above not for help, but for guarantee of vengeance. The earnest note struck chords within Mars and Mercury, as if it had been an answer to both of their sides; and yet, it was distinctly not.

“Corrupting the minds of the people with false nationalism where there should be nothing but love of all man, exemplifying godhood as nothing more than superiority to others instead of preaching it as empathy and spilling my borscht… For that, I cannot forgive you! In the name of the moon, I will punish you!”

“Scandal in Staraya: Dmitri’s Secret Plan! Grushenka is an Evil Temptress!?“
Next week: Karamazov no Kyodai: Demons, Season 1 Episode 6!

wow, that is a tough choice, I want them both.

On my first IRL game


DM: the gerblins shoot arrows at you and…*rolls the dice*…one arrow hits your illusionist gnome.
Gnome: Ow!
Me, a rogue halfling with a bow: Oh! An arrow! I want it!
Gnome: W-wait!
DM: You Grab the arrow and pull it out. The blood starts gushing from the wound.
Me: Oh no! I didn’t mean to do that!!
DM: You already did, that’s how it works here.
Me, in panic: I try to put it back?!
Gnome: Wait, no!
DM: Congratulations, you stabbed the gnome.