i cant decide if thor and loki were the kind of siblings where they either a., bite each other b., just fucking SLAP at any available patch of skin on the other c., scream duck and throw smth at them AT MAXIMUM VELOCITY WITH THE POWER OF TWO SUNS d., say the others name and when they turn and ask ‘what’ they say ‘nothing’ and they do this a hundred times a day and the other wishes for the sweet sweet grip of death


They’re the kind of siblings that fuck each other


“Thor and the Black Sheep” – Digital Oil Painting

“I found this little one hiding in Barton’s barn and I felt a kinship with him. I suppose he reminds me of my brother, haha! I’m going to show him how to play King of the Hill with his siblings…”

I couldn’t resist making a Loki reference when Thor is holding a black sheep. Rams have horns when they get older, it was just too perfect.

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