tony issues tablets to all the avengers and thor sighing because this technology’s so fucking old he barely remembers how to use it anymore



‘Fucking hell, Thor.’ Loki sighs, opening one tab after another. He loves the more recent looking pictures a lot. They show Thor in his current size and softness. Loki figures Thor has not stopped modelling at all, like he told him at the party. He just… does more glamour like shoots as it seems. Every photo Loki comes across oozes confidence and always a bit of naughtiness. Thor looks like he wants to invite the viewers over to join him on the picture and probably have some fun. Sexual fun.

Loki’s hand rubs onto his hard on through his pants, tracing the tip with his fingers. He no longer cares about sitting on the kitchen table with the curtains wide open. Nothing matters, only these pictures and the lust they evoke inside him that needs to get out.

He opens another tab. This picture looks a little older but features Thor in the tiniest red shimmering swimming trunks that barely seem to hold all that ass together. A moan escapes Loki’s lips. His hand presses his erection down a little harder. He is not planning to unzip and jerk off just yet. He needs to savour the moments, the little shocks he seems to get when looking at another picture. Oh yes, the next one also sends a wave of pleasure through Loki’s body. Thor looks like a pin up on this one, graciously draping his body over a chair. Loki is amazed by how seemingly effortless Thor manages to pose in quite challenging ways. He looks in total control of his body and adds his well known flair to the mix.

Wait a minute.

Loki squints and reads the URL of the page closely.

‘God dammit, Thor, you have a Patreon?’

Illustration and excerpt from my feelgood fluffy fic ‘The Baker’s Cakes’