So, having intrigued us… when do we get to see this new fic? Or what bribes do we have to offer ;)

Ahaha well I’m doing both thorkizine and a secret Santa, so those need to happen.

But that being said, I have the basic outline done for this fic, so the first chapter should be out sometime soon after the grant application deadline I have on the 30th! And (OPTIMISTICALLY) I’ll stick to my normal every-week-on-Tuesday-evening longfic posting schedule after that.

(I will always accept bribes)

So I’m finally working through my trucker!thor/drifter!loki fic. It’s turned into something kinda serious, rather than just porn, and I’m really happy about it.

But the smut is still there, especially cause it’s plot-essential. And I’m trying to decide between feminization and incest!kink (they’re not related in the fic).

What do you think?