if you are a thorki fandom content creator and are comfortable filling out an spreadsheet’s worth of (entirely optional) info, click here.

why the spreadsheet? well, I saw a mutual complain about losing their fanbase, and tbh I have similar worries – it took me a while to get to the number of followers I have! and I don’t want to lose that!

so if you create content for the thorki fandom*, then you’re welcome to fill this form with as many details as you’re comfortable sharing. remember, only share stuff you’re comfortable having known to people. if you want to specify that something is available upon request, put AOR in that field

the form has space for every social media that I could think of (+ a field for any I might have missed) and it basically exists so the fandom doesn’t lose track of content creators, and so that content creators get a head start on new platforms without having to rebuild their fanbase from mutuals and scratch.

entirely optional, but public access, so please be careful!

note: you can add your friends/mutuals if they’re okay with it. please make sure that they are. 

*what counts as content? original posts. headcanons, meta, round robins, fics, art, rec lists, edits, playlists. if you’re a moderator (or have ever been a moderator) please add that too—moderating is valuable!

lastly, please consider reblogging this post for maximum visibility: the link means it’s not going to show up in search results


Shout-out to my fellow Fandom Olds who lived through Strikethrough/Boldthrough on LJ and knew this day would eventually come here on also

Especial shout-out to the heroes at AO3 who designed their whole operation knowing that every other platform fandom used would pull this bullshit sooner or later