teenaged thorki experimenting with each other’s bodies? especially if it’s got trans Loki. thanks!!


Thor slipped his fingers into his little brother’s body and felt how wet he was, how ready. Loki bit his lip and squeezed Thor’s cock as it throbbed in his hand. They kissed slowly, gently, like there was no rush or risk even though their parents could come home any minute. 

Loki was sopping wet and opening for him, so ready to take him, but he didn’t want to move too fast. They pulled apart and looked at each other, watching each other’s faces, looking for the signs that they were doing something right. His fingers rubbed a spot that made Loki gasp and shudder and Thor felt a syrupy-thick warmth spreading through him like it always did when he made Loki happy. They’d been born together, had always been side by side for their entire lives. 

He and Loki took their first breaths just minutes apart and from their first day they’d always reached out to each other. It just made sense that they would learn their bodies and know each other like this. Loki had come out to him first, had trusted him, had needed him. All Thor wanted was to keep Loki close and safe and his. 

Thor rubbed Loki’s clit and promised himself, not for the first time, that he was going to build a future for them where they could belong to each other for the rest of their lives.